Selasa, 10 Juni 2014

Grand Theft Auto V Coming this Fall to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

This is the best moment that we waiting for long time ago. Now GTA V will coming this fall to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Sabtu, 07 Juni 2014

3rd Anims Mods

Thanks for in45do to allowed me to share this mod. For more information, please visit his blog on

You know, when you equip weapons that need to hold like shotgun, combat shotgun, M4, etch, you only have 2 animation style, that is walking armed and running armed. But now, I'm trying to add sprint armed for those weapon's hold style, like GTA IV (and GTA V) does.

This is the example video for this mod :

Kamis, 05 Juni 2014

Audition Gangster3 Mod

Long time not blogging since im busy with my work. So now I will Post my Peds Mod which i made it 2 weeks ago.

I will show you the Mod Screenshot :

Senin, 19 Mei 2014

Audition Gangster2 Mod

This time i will share my second Peds mod made by myself (AlexKennedy)

This is another screenshot for this mod :

Audition Gangster1 Mod

Hello guys, this time i will share my first Peds Mod made by myself (AlexKennedy)

And this is another mod screenshot :